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Germany / New Zealand

Paraglider pilot and owner of Paragliding Map.

"I started paragliding to conquer my fear of heights. 😲  I love flying all over the world, and created Paragliding Map to help others find amazing places to fly and connect with the locals. 

Your next flying adventure starts with Paragliding Map!"



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The most comprehensive source for site info, forecasts, webcams, photos & more!
See where you can fly right now. Worldwide!
  • Explore over 14,000 launch sites, 7,000 landings, 40,000 weather stations and 39,000 webcams.
  • Official data from the DHV, Flyland, FFVL, Paragliding Earth and more.
  • Automatic translation of site descriptions into your language.
  • 3-day forecasts from MeteoBlue and WindFinder.
  • Real-time weather station data from Pioupiou, Holfuy, MADIS and FFVL show you actual weather conditions.
  • Photos of take-off and landing zones give you a great impression of each spot.
  • Webcams are displayed on the map and automatically appear in the launch details.
  • View the map as it will appear in the future.
  • Driving directions to each spot using navigation.
  • Favourite sites can be saved for easy access later.
  • Chat group per launch site. Contact local pilots to organise car sharing, paragliding trips and pick-ups.
  • Free-text search for site name, city or region.
  • View flying sites in 3D using Google Earth.
  • Send “SOS!” and “I need a ride” messages to friends, including your GPS coordinates.
  • Easily share spot and map details via Facebook, Twitter, messages and email.
  • Links to original data sources give you easy access to further information direct from the DHV, Flyland, FFVL and Paragliding Earth.
  • Full support included.