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"I have been extremely addicted to paragliding for about 10 years and love to share my passion for flying!  
We live in the San Bernardino mountain range in a beautiful lake community called Lake Arrowhead. I am lucky to have both Crestline and Marshall Launches just minutes away. Both are extremely consistent  flying sites...between the two launches there are over 300 flyable days a year!!   
As you will see on my Instagram page I love proximity and some entry level ACRO tricks. I also own/operate my own  EVERGREEN Paragliding School, offering Tandem Flights. Feel free to reach out anytime for information on flying here. (Both are P3 launches)  Come fly with us!!
I partner with PARADROME cause they are FULL LOVE for the flying community and have great products! I love the designs and the quality material they use! It is excellent for flying and hanging out!!"