USA, Southern California Mountains

"I have been extremely addicted to paragliding for about 10 years and love to share my passion for flying!  
We live in the San Bernardino mountain range in a beautiful lake community called Lake Arrowhead. I am lucky to have both Crestline and Marshall Launches just minutes away. Both are extremely consistent  flying sites...between the two launches there are over 300 flyable days a year!!   
As you will see on my Instagram page I love proximity and some entry level ACRO tricks. I also own/operate my own  EVERGREEN Paragliding School, offering Tandem Flights. Feel free to reach out anytime for information on flying here. (Both are P3 Launches)  Come fly with us!!
I partner with PARADROME cause they are FULL LOVE for the flying community and have great products! I love the designs and the quality material they use! It is excellent for flying and hanging out!!"



Joar Boholm 

"My name is Joar. I am from Norway.  Have been flying for 10 year's. Do a lot of ground handling and hike n fly. Love the cool designs of Paradrome
What I like about paragliding: The feeling of full focus on the flight. Block all else out. + the awesome including people :)"




"Hey I'm Joel, I've been flying since 2018 and I'm still fully hooked on paragliding. I live to be able to fly. 
Through my 2nd passion, forographing, I create incredibly beautiful images of unprecedented positions while flying. I am always looking for the best moment.
Some call me a sunset junkie. I can't disagree with that. The best shots are definitely taken at Blue- and Golden Hour ;-)
My goals are modest. I want to crack the 100km and climb the highest mountains in Switzerland.  

With Paradrome as a partner at my side, I am specifically supported in my passion and my goals.
See you in the air!"




Brand ambassador for Paradrome and paraglider pilot from Russia.





"I started flying in 2018 (at the age of 14) and have had different types of paragliders over my head since then! I train for cross country competitions and bigger and better XC flights! On the side I train my acro skills!

I live in southern Spain in the famous paragliding hotspot of Algodonales.
I study online video & photography between flights."




"I have been a paraglider pilot since 2009 and have accumulated thousands of hours of flight and ground time. I am also a paragliding instructor, tandem pilot, seamstress and artist. I especially enjoy helping women grow in the sport through instruction, mentorship, and gatherings.
Every year in May, I organize a large pilot gathering for women in the United States. I love many other sports like snowboarding, but when I discovered paragliding, it completed my soul and changed the whole path of my life. I love gliding barefoot or dragging my toes on the sand dunes, taking advantage of thermals, gliding over ridges and practicing maneuvers and smooth coastal flights. The best way to watch the sunrise or sunset is from the sky!

I am a brand ambassador for Paradrome because we need to support companies in the paragliding and action sports sector; especially when there is great emphasis on the materials used and the fun designs brighten up everyday life."




Vrchlabi, Czech Republic 🏠

"When I'm in the clouds, I don't think about problems and I feel free."

"I have been flying since 2019. My most significant flight was a triangle of 33.29 km from Meduna. Paragliding is my hobby. I am a student of CTU in Prague, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

I like Paradrome clothing because of the exceptionally beautiful original motifs and also because of the high quality material. The organic cotton used leaves no harm to nature during production."



🏅 French paraglider pilot of the PWC (Paragliding World Cup).

"I've been flying since 2002 (when I was 13 years old) and I've been competing internationally since 2016.
I am originally from the south of France and now I live in the Pyrenees. It's a very nice training place with beautiful peaks to hike and fly to. I also spend a lot of time traveling for my competitions (Brazil / Argentina / India ...). I am very lucky to be able to use my passion for travel to discover these new cultures.

I am happy to be a brand ambassador for Paradrome. A brand that matches my values, as it uses carefully selected organic products."




Krasnodar, Russia 🏠

"If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, you should see the clouds from the other side!" ©

"I've been skydiving since late 2017 and currently have 275 skydives. I also fly in a wind tunnel - at the moment I have flown 31 hours.

Skydiving and flying are my hobbies, my soul profession, and these are figuratively my wings that help me in this life, because by profession I am an accountant and auditor, working mostly as a chief accountant in a network of dental clinics.

I work with Paradrome because this brand not only makes beautiful and functional clothing for free flight sports, but this clothing is also environmentally friendly, which suits my needs and lifestyle".





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    • Driving directions to each spot using navigation.
    • Favourites can be saved for easy access later.
    • Advanced search.
    • Send “SOS!” and “I need a ride” messages to friends, including your GPS coordinates.
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Great app, really useful
This is a very well made app, it’s packed with useful information on sites and providing up to date wind conditions. Recommended.

Exceptional App & Support.



Great app
One of my go-to apps before heading out to a site.

Top Class App
Thanks Craig for a really useful app. Just used for trip to France and had good flights from the right site each day.

Very useful
I'm at a loss as to how I've missed this app I'm the past. Having all the flying sites and conditions on one display is very useful. Especially when on a family holiday and flying opportunities are limited.

Great little app with lots of features.
Great app very handy, especially for site research and ad-hoc site visits. You can build a list of favourite sites which is handy and often a link to the local managing club for further info. Craig was prompt and very helpful when I need support.

It's almost freaky how it knows of launches nobody should really know about. What a great tool to find new launches!

See you soon!

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