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"I have been paragliding since 2009 and have accumulated thousands of hours of flying and ground handling. I am also a paragliding instructor, tandem pilot, seamstress and artist. I particularly love to help women grow in this sport through lessons, mentorship and gatherings.
I organize and started an annual large female pilot gathering each May in the United states. I love to do lots of other sports like snowboarding but when I found paragliding it completed my soul and it adjusted the whole path my life was on. I love to be barefoot sliding or toe dragging at the sand dunes, coring thermals, ridge soaring and getting refills to practice maneuvers and smooth coastal flying. The best place to see the sunrise or sunset is from the sky!


I'm a brand ambassador for PARADROME because we need to support paragliding and action sports style clothing companies that care about the materials used and have fun designs to cheer up our days wearing them."




Vrchlabi, Czech Republic 🏠

"When I'm in the clouds, I don't think about problems and I feel free."

"I've been flying since 2019. My most significant flight for me so far has been from Meduna, a triangle of 33.29 km. Paragliding is my hobby. I'm a student at CTU in Prague, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

I like PARADROME clothing because of the exceptionally beautiful original motifs and also because of the high-quality material. The organic cotton used leaves no damage to nature during the production process."





🏅 French paragliding pilot of the PWC (Paragliding World Cup)

"I have been flying since 2002 (I was 13 years old at the time) and I have been flying in international competitions since 2016.
I am originally from the south of France and now live in the Pyrenees. It's a very nice training spot with beautiful summits to do in Hike and Fly. I also spend a lot of time travelling for my competitions (Brazil / Argentina / India ...). I'm very lucky to be able to take advantage of my passion to travel and discover these new cultures.

I'm happy to be a brand ambassador of PARADROME. A brand that corresponds to my values by using carefully selected organic products."




Krasnodar, Russia 🏠

"If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, you should see the clouds from the other side!"©

“I have been skydiving since the end of 2017, and currently have 275 skydives. I also fly in a wind tunnel - at the moment I have flown 31 hours.

Parachuting and flying are my hobbies, my occupation for the soul, and these are my wings in a figurative sense, which help me in this life, since by profession I am an accountant and auditor and mostly work as the chief accountant in a network of dental clinics.

I cooperate with PARADROME, because this brand not only makes beautiful and functional clothes for sky sports, but these clothes are also eco-friendly, which meets my requirements and lifestyle.”






The most popular app for pilots! The most comprehensive source for site info, forecasts, webcams, photos & more!

  • Explore over 14,000 launch sites, 7,000 landings, 40,000 weather stations and 39,000 webcams.
  • Official data from the DHV, Flyland, FFVL, Paragliding Earth and more.
  • Automatic translation of site descriptions into your language.
  • 3-day forecasts from WindFinder.
  • Real-time weather station data from Pioupiou, Holfuy, MADIS and FFVL show you actual weather conditions.


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