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The most sustainable product is one that lasts.

Environmental protection is anchored in our corporate strategy. We demand the highest quality and functionality from our products.

At the same time they should leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.

With your contribution, e.g. by taking good care of your product, you help to minimize this imprint.

We show you how to do it with our care instructions.

General care instructions

✔️  Each garment has different care requirements, so it is essential to follow the care instructions on the product.

✔️ Do not use fabric softener!

✔️  Use liquid detergent, preferably mild detergent.

✔️  Do not use bleach.

✔️  For best results you should only wash the garment with textiles of a similar colour.

✔️  Use gentle wash cycle and max. 30°C water temperature.

✔️  Always turn garments inside out before washing.

✔️  Let your garment air-dry for maximum and long lasting print durability.

✔️  Turn garment inside out for ironing and make sure that there is no crease in the print area.

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