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Our philosophy?
Be comfortable, be open-minded
and do it with passion!


Our Vision

A few years ago, fashion could only be discovered offline, inspiring window-shopping took place while strolling through shopping streets or in shopping malls. Although modern technologies offered many advantages, most online fashion stores were just clickable warehouses where it was tedious for customers to find the right product. When we started PARADROME, our vision was to create the first online destination where people could discover fashion for paragliders and skydivers and be inspired by relevant products that truly fit their own individual style - no matter how small the screen. We wanted to transfer the inspirational shopping experience to the Internet while providing our customers with a uniquely personalized fashion online store. We are working hard to achieve our ambitious goals and become the number 1 fashion player for these free-flight fans.

Do you want to be part of our innovative community and help us bring passion and unique styles to our online store? Then we are very happy to share our values with you. 

We are faster than the others!

Efficient | We work fast and efficiently within our deadlines. According to the 80/20 rule, we prefer to implement ten small short term goals quickly, rather than spending a lot of time on the perfect solution.

Smart | We find solutions that are intelligent and uncomplicated. We divide large goals into small steps.

Straight forward | We communicate honestly and clearly - no politics, no hidden agendas.


We are open-minded!

Hands-on | We don't spend a lot of time talking about ideas, but put them into practice - getting down to business is our motto.

Flexible | We do not cling to a fixed idea. New insights lead to new decisions, which we are open to.

Motivated | We want to make a difference as a team and motivate each other.


We do it with passion!

Committed | We love what we do and are more than 100% committed.

Analytical | We are passionate, but make decisions based on factual arguments and analysis.

Optimistic | We think in solutions instead of problems. Our glass is always half full.


presents the F/S 2021 collection for skydivers "Flocking". The total 6-piece collection consists of must-have garments for the summer, which at the same time have a super feel and are especially durable. Exclusively available on Paradrome.de.

The design inspiration and ideas come mainly from Johanna Plevan, making the collection reflect her unique style and passion for flying. "As we all currently spend a lot of time at home, in the development of the collection we have put an extra emphasis on making it comfortable and timeless, and at the same time individual and stylish. Also, it should also be easy and flexible to combine with other clothing," explains Johanna Plevan.